Working and Playing and Floating through the energy in order to create something powerful and fun for ourselves and our friends.


10 Responses to “About”

  1. Stephanie said

    I came across your blog looking for information on Pichest and just thought I’d say “wow”. I wish I could afford to go, but unfortunately saving the money is going to take some time. Thanks for sharing in such great detail what it’s like to “study” with him. Shifted my view of his teachings to a higher level and I really can’t wait to go now.

  2. Hi Stephanie!

    I’m sorry it’s taken soooo looong to reply. we’ve been floating and burying ourselves for some time. The energy has been intense.

    I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that we are still following the thread of the teachings of Pichest and Thailand and are working on a travel project that you may be interested in. Please check out the new WordPress site I just started, new information will be added soon.

    If you have gone to Thailand already, or plan to go soon, do let us know!

    take care,

    • julie said

      i just got whisked away in your blog, looking for info on pichest and others in chiang mai, as well!

      i would love to see your newest travel project as well. i am headed to chiang mai in a few weeks.

      thanks for sharing all of this!


      • Thanks for reading and enjoying! It’s good to be prepared and get whisked away early, Chiang Mai can spin you like a top. I’ll pass along your info to Michelle, she may still be in the around when you arrive.

  3. rachel fearnley said

    Hi girls, soooo good to read your blogs…i am heading to Chiang Mai next month maybe for 6 months to study with Pichest…if you have the time or i clination i would love toick your brains a little about the logisitics of Chiang Mai…

  4. Matthew Clarke said

    Hi there!

    Me too, I was just googling Pichest and chanced on your blog (all being well, I want to go next summer to study with him). Anyway, I’ve read the whole blog and to me it seems like classic travel writing. Wonderfully evocative – I can really hear, see and smell Thailand from reading it, more than from any of the videos I’ve seen. Thank you for taking so much time and trouble – I’m sure you’re earning great merit!


    • Thanks for posting a comment Matthew!
      Michelle and I are in the process of creating a month long guided tour of Northern Thailand and some of the sacred spaces and faces there. Please check out my newest post on this blog for a little bit more on that! Thailand is great fun…

  5. wildrosehealth said

    Hello Michelle – are you still checking this blog? If so, I would love to chat with you via email about your experience with Pichet. I am planning to go to Chiang Mai next summer (2017) and am interested in the up-to-date news you may have.

    • Hi, I mostly don’t check this blog and I haven’t been to Thailand in quite a while…since 2011, so I don’t have any recent news…I’ll send you an email so you can contact me that way if there’s anything else you’re wanting to chat about. Pichest is amazing, I love him a lot. 🙂

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