Aliens from Atlantis

December 9, 2009

Michelle has gotten the tone down for our Thai Massage Education with Pichest.
For the moment anyway.   It will change again yesterday and already changed tomorrow. He’s a spinning top. He’s having a good time.

….So goes a wisdom of this land:

If it’s not สนุก (snuk) {fun}, it’s not worth doing.

Recently, I was taken to the middle of a field, just outside of town. Maw Taw, who has been a medicine man for much of his life, offered  herbal tea, an herbal sauna, herbal infused whiskey, Lanna-style “Thai” massage, wine, ramen soup, papaya, apple, guava, more herbal tea, hugs, a used sauna furnace, training on how to make a sauna,
and then he suddenly gave me a raspberry on my belly.

ok. snuk. yes. fun. ok. sure. super. right.

I ate a map of Chiang Mai. Not too much seasoning, my digestion isn’t yet quite right. Sauted with “organic” vegetables and served over sticky rice.

I ate it S-L-O-W-L-Y and traced  it’s passage down my trachea and into the labyrinth of my itestinal tract. I did this to absorb the energy of this city. The layers of time and myth and legend and dreams. The pathways walked by so many Shaman and Monks and Rusii; a grounded surrender to an Invisible Reality.

The labyrinth without and the labyrinth within.

More aliens uploaded on flickr: